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What is our Motor Legal Cover?


Most people rely on being able to travel by car to go about their day-to-day business. As we all spend so much time in our cars, problems are bound to arise from time-to-time. If something does go wrong, any problems need to be resolved as soon as possible.

Motoring Legal Solutions helps if your customer is involved in an accident that isn’t their fault. We will help them claim back losses that aren’t covered by their insurance from the person that caused the accident, such as damage to personal belongings, vehicle repair costs for third-party insured vehicles and loss of earnings. The customer can normally keep their no claims discount if they are able to claim back these losses.

It also provides legal advice and assistance 24/7 and can pay up to £100,000 per claim to cover legal costs and expenses.

You can also opt for our Complete Motor Legal Solutions, which includes all the features of our Motoring Legal Solutions plus covering the cost of legal representation if the driver is charged with a motoring offence and the cost of an appeal against parking fines or criminal penalty notices brought against the insured where they are the victim of number plate cloning.

Alongside this, our breakdown cover provides immediate access to a network of reputable breakdown services and pays for the cost of vehicle repair at the scene of the breakdown or vehicle recovery and onward transport for the driver and passengers where roadside repair is not possible.

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How does our Motor Legal cover help?

Motoring Legal Solutions

Our insured was injured when a van ran into the back of his car at speed. He was taken to hospital with a broken collar bone, bruising, and whiplash. We were notified of the claim and instructed a solicitor to represent the insured. The van driver admitted liability and after extensive negotiations with his insurers a settlement of £10,000 was reached. This compensated our insured for pain and suffering, physiotherapy treatment, and alternative transport while he was unable to drive. At the same time, his policy excess was successfully claimed back with the help of Motoring Legal Solutions, which can provide up to £100,000 in legal expenses cover. Without this coverage, our insured could have entered into a “no-win, no-fee” agreement but would have paid up to 25% of his compensation as a fee to the solicitor.

Motor Breakdown Solutions

The insured was travelling with her spouse and four children for a family weekend from London to Bristol when she suffered a breakdown on the motorway around Swindon. She placed a call to make a claim under her policy. A local contractor was immediately dispatched. The recovery operator called the insured to inform her of the estimated time of arrival within the hour. Upon arrival, it was established that the problem could not repaired the same day. The insured chose to have the vehicle towed to her onward destination. ARAG’s policy picked up all the costs of towing the vehicle and providing a hire car for the family to get to their destination.


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