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who is it for

Who is it for?

Legal expenses insurance enables families, businesses, landlords and motorists to protect themselves from the cost of some common legal problems. It’s usually sold alongside home, commercial and motor products as an add-on.

What cover

What does it cover?

From a business perspective, problems with employee disputes, tax investigations, contract disputes and recovering unpaid debts are all common issues that businesses face every day.

Landlords might find themselves needing to recover rent arrears or repossess a property. They might need to deal with damage to their property by a tenant or a third party.

On a personal level, family members can find themselves in dispute with a neighbour or an employer, facing a tax investigation or unable to get a satisfactory outcome from a contract over something they have bought.

They may also be involved in a motor accident that wasn’t their fault and need to recover uninsured losses or seek compensation for injury.

Watch our video

Watch our introductory video:

Our short video explains how legal expenses insurance works, how it can be sold, some examples of what is covered, and who it's suitable for.