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All you need to know about claims

Being involved in a legal dispute can be daunting and stressful. We have created a series of videos to explain how the process works and make it as straightforward as possible to navigate.


Making a Claim

Becoming involved in a legal dispute can be a real worry for customers. Heather Wilmot, BTE Claims Manager at ARAG UK, talks through what happens if they have a claim and offers tips and guidance on how to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Who will help me with my claim?

Rob McArthur, ARAG’s Claims Services Manager, discusses what happens if a policyholder needs legal representation following a claim. He also talks us through the importance of independent legal representation from solicitors who are experts in the area concerned, in ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers.


How mediation could help resolve your legal claim

Rob McArthur, our Claims Services Manager, explains the benefits of resolving legal disputes through mediation. He also discusses the potential downside of not considering it, if it’s offered in a legal dispute.