Recourse Options


Our Recourse Options policy offers specialist covers for many legal disputes for any client facing the risks of taking legal action following a non-injury related claim such as professional negligence or wills and probate amongst many others.

Outstretched suited hand supporting a coloured man in a suit

We can help with almost any legal issue, such as:

  • Commercial contract

  • Personal contract

  • Professional negligence

  • Insolvency

  • Wills and probate

Policy features

  • Limit of indemnity

    Limit of indemnity £100,000 or bespoke on request
  • Deferred contingent premiums

    We may sometimes ask for some of the premium on acceptance of the case
  • Staged premiums cover

    Staged premiums cover for opponent's disbursements and own disbursements
  • Full adverse costs cover

    including failure to beat a Part 36 offer, and interlocutory costs orders
  • Top-up cover

    Top-up cover to a Before-the-Event policy
  • Security of an A-rated insurer

    You can feel safe with us, as ARAG will always use an A-rated insurer
  • Cover for cases conducted under a partial or full CFA or DBA

    More specifically disbursements and adverse costs incurred in these cases.
  • One-off cases

    One-off cases and no assessment fee