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A sudden domestic home emergency can take people by surprise and be both costly and inconvenient to put right. It’s not always easy to get a reputable contractor to come out at short notice to resolve the problem.

If a home emergency makes the home unsafe, insecure, causes or is likely to cause damage to the property or its contents - from burst pipes or heating that won’t come on, to lost keys - we can provide your clients with a cost effective and efficient solution.

Cartoon of a boiler repair man holding a toolbox beside a steaming and leaking boiler

We can help with:

  • The complete breakdown of the heating system

  • Plumbing and drainage problems

  • Damage which affects security

    including locks and windows
  • If the only toilet is broken

  • Loss of the power supply

  • Lost keys

  • Vermin infestation

  • Optional annual central heating boiler servicing

    Available on a pay per use basis
Home Emergency ARAG

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Home Emergency

Home Emergency
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