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What is Home Emergency Insurance?


A sudden domestic home emergency can take people by surprise and be both costly and inconvenient to put right. It’s not always easy to get a reputable contractor to come out at short notice to resolve the problem.

If a home emergency makes the home unsafe, insecure, causes or is likely to cause damage to the property or its contents - from burst pipes or heating that won’t come on, to lost keys - we can provide your clients with a cost effective and efficient solution.

It’s not always straightforward to find a reputable contractor at short notice and even if you do it can be expensive. Our Home Emergency cover provides you with a low cost solution ensuring help is always available when you need it most.

Cartoon of a boiler repair man holding a toolbox beside a steaming and leaking boiler

We can help with:

  • The complete breakdown of the heating system

  • Plumbing and drainage problems

  • Damage which affects security

    including locks and windows
  • If the only toilet is broken

  • Loss of the power supply

  • Lost keys

  • Vermin infestation

  • Optional annual central heating boiler servicing

    Available on a pay per use basis
Home Emergency ARAG

What we cover:

  • Contractor’s call-out fee

  • Labour costs

  • Parts and repair materials

  • Alternative accommodation costs


How does our Home Emergency Insurance help?

Boiler breakdown

During a particularly cold snap last winter, on a Saturday morning, our insured’s boiler broke down. As our insured had three young children, she was keen to resolve the problem as soon as possible. She contacted us and we immediately appointed a contractor who attended later that day and ordered the replacement part needed to complete the repair to the boiler. The part was fitted the following day and the insured was able to heat their home again.

Burst pipe

Our insured called when a burst pipe in their bathroom was causing water to drip through the kitchen ceiling causing damage and distress. We arranged for a contractor to carry out an emergency repair on the pipe and stop the leak.


Our insured contacted us when an attempted burglary left a smashed window in his front door which meant he was unable to leave home to go to work. We immediately arranged for a contractor to make the property secure by boarding up the window. A further claim was made on the insured’s home insurance for a full replacement door.

Optional service

We have negotiated competitive rates with our approved contractors for an annual gas boiler service. You can simply call our dedicated service phone number and we will arrange for a local approved firm to get back to you within two hours to agree a convenient time to carry out the service. You are responsible for the contractor’s annual service charge and we are confident that you will receive high standard of customer service from our contractors.


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