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How can ARAG's Family Legal Protection help?


Life doesn’t always run smoothly, and if legal problems develop they can be expensive and stressful to resolve. From disputes with an employer to issues with a neighbour or retailer or even identity theft, we can offer your customers effective solutions with our range of products tailored to their needs.

Legal protection is a crucial aspect of family life. It provides families with expert support and advice in legal disputes, which can be a confusing and costly process. With personal advice available 24/7, families can rest assured that they have the help they need when they need it. Family Legal Protection is a valuable investment for any family looking to protect their rights and ensure their wellbeing.

When it comes to Family Legal Protection, having a solicitor on your side can be crucial. However, solicitor costs can be expensive, with rates ranging from £100-£300 per hour in the UK. This is where family legal protection comes in, it covers thousands of pounds worth of legal costs per claim for several issues.

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How does our Family Legal Protection work?

Employment dispute claims scenario

Our insured worked for an office supplies company, after working there for several years she found out that a male colleague was on a higher wage than her, even though she was more experienced and had more expertise. She submitted a grievance for equal pay. Whilst this was being investigated, the company suffered a downturn in work and made our insured redundant. She felt she was unfairly selected and in her opinion, was being made redundant due to her grievance. Our insured contacted us to make a claim and we appointed a specialist solicitor to act for her. Prior to the hearing at the Employment Tribunal, the former employer agreed to settle for £9,400 plus a good reference.
ARAG paid the solicitor’s fees of £2,500.

Contract legal dispute scenario

Our insured got into a high-value contract dispute when purchasing his house. The defendants in the matter were the sellers of the property and the building surveyor appointed to provide a Homebuyer’s Report on its condition. Our insured found shortly after purchasing the house that it suffered from substantial damp and water penetration to the garage and garden walls. We appointed solicitors to act on his behalf and prepare claims against both potential defendants. As no offers were forthcoming from either opponent, the appointed solicitors had to issue proceedings. Defences were received from both defendants, but shortly afterwards, they agreed to attend a three-way mediation.
An acceptable arrangement was concluded with the damages being split 75% by the surveyor’s insurers and 25% by the sellers.


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