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What is Complete Motor Legal Solutions?


Our Complete Motor Legal Solutions product offers all the standard Motoring Legal Solutions covers, plus two useful additional features.

If your customer is involved in a motor accident that isn’t their fault we will help them claim back losses that aren’t covered by their motor insurance from the person that caused the accident. Such as damage to personal belongings, vehicle repair costs for third-party insured vehicles and loss of earnings. The customer can normally keep their no claims discount if they are able to claim back these losses.

In addition, we cover the cost of legal representation if the driver is charged with a motoring offence. We also cover the cost of an appeal against parking fines or civil or criminal penalty notices brought against the insured where they are the victim of number plate cloning. Personal legal advice and access to consumer legal documents to help with everyday problems such as challenging parking penalties is also included.

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We can help by

  • Claiming back their motor insurance policy excess

  • Obtaining compensation if they or any of their passengers is injured

  • Arranging a replacement vehicle while theirs is being repaired

  • Claiming back other losses


In addition:

  • Legal representation if the driver is charged with a motoring offence

  • Appeals if the insured is a victim of number plate cloning

  • 24/7 personal legal advice and access to motoring legal documents


A motor insurer will normally allow your customer to keep their no claims discount if they are able to claim back these losses. If your client is not protected against legal costs in these circumstances they would use a “no-win no-fee” agreement to recover their losses, but would have to pay their solicitor’s success fee from the damages. Complete Motor Legal Solutions allows them to keep 100% of your damages and is available for smaller claims where “no-win no-fee” agreements will not be available.

Legal costs and expenses are covered up to £100,000 per claim and Complete Motor Legal Solutions also includes 24/7 personal legal advice, a tax advice helpline and access to our legal services website for free digital legal documents and our online law guide.


Assistance support

Legal and tax advice

You can call our legal advice helpline and get immediate advice about personal legal matters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also obtain tax-related advice from our tax helpline, available between 9am and 5pm on weekdays (except bank holidays). Your query will be dealt with by a qualified specialist who is experienced in handling legal and
tax-related matters.

Consumer legal services

Your policy unlocks free access to our Consumer legal services website, this provides a range of useful tools to help you. You can access our law guides which offer guidance on a wide range of legal topics, as well as videos and claims examples that demonstrate how our cover can help. The website also provides a comprehensive range of legal documents, including a letter to challenge a parking fine and an agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle.


How does Complete Motor Legal Expenses work?

Case 1

Our insured was driving along the inside lane of a dual carriageway when the third party drifted into her lane causing extensive damage to the car. Our insured had fully comprehensive insurance so we made a claim to recover her policy excess and arranged a hire car while her own vehicle was being repaired.

Case 2

Our insured was injured when a van ran into the back of his car at speed. He was taken to hospital with a broken collarbone, bruising and whiplash. We were notified of the claim and instructed a solicitor to represent the insured.

The van driver admitted liability and after extensive negotiations with his insurers a settlement of £10,000 was reached. This compensated our insured for pain and suffering, physiotherapy treatment and alternative transport while he was unable to drive. At the same time, his motor policy excess was successfully claimed back. Without Motoring Legal Solutions our insured could have entered into a “no-win, no-fee” agreement but would have paid up to 25% of his compensation as a fee to the solicitor.


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