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Worrying and stress is a completely natural and normal part of life. However, worrying about lots of different things a lot of the time can leave you stuck in a vicious cycle of worry where your worries may start to feel uncontrollable, impact your behaviours and intrude on your day-to-day life. We also know this as anxiety. Our partner, Vita Health Group, has some tips on how to best break the cycle of worry.

To work out how to best break the cycle of worry, you first need to pinpoint what type of worry it is you’re experiencing. Worries tend to fall into two main categories:

  • Practical worries
    These are worries for which there is a practical solution. For example, “I have several extra bills this month and I haven’t got enough money to pay them”.
  • Hypothetical worries
    These are the worries which you cannot control or solve. They are often worries you have about the past or the future. Often these worries start with “What if…”. For example, “What if the train is late tomorrow and I can’t get to my meeting”.

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