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Written by our partners at VITA Health

If you’re someone who finds the guilt and shame-inducing subtext of marketing messages in January to be overwhelming, Vita Health are here to help.

Our partners have shared their top three coping mechanisms to help you through the “new year, new you” onslaught:

1) Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself
Social media can be a real trigger place. Ahead of the new year, dedicate some time to doing a clear out of your social media accounts - unfollow anyone or any company that, instead of bringing you joy, triggers negative emotions. Limit your time on social media
and remove yourself from forums or groups that spread misinformation or use shaming language.

2) Prepare yourself with a good support system
Whoever’s helped you get through difficult times in the past, make sure they are around you for support in January. That could be anyone from a family member or colleague to a therapist or dietician. Talk to a professional if you’re finding it tricky to cope with any mental health-related issue at this time.

3) Work on developing healthy habits that you can sustain
If you feel like you’re punishing or controlling your diet or exercise, it will be impossible to sustain it as a healthy habit. It’s about eating and moving in a way that feels good for your body - one that you can sustain and that brings you joy.


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