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The quality of our service is a key component of ARAG’s proposition and, along with innovation and flexibility, one of the core principles on which the company differentiates itself, in a competitive market.

Research conducted by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) has provided ARAG with vital feedback that enables us to monitor our service levels and offers benchmarks against which we can assess, not just our service performance relative to similar businesses, but also our progress over time.

We were particularly pleased with the latest benchmarking report, based on data gathered from customers in 2021. The report scored ARAG against benchmarks both within the insurance industry and across all sectors, covering various metrics including, customer experience, complaint handling, customer ethos and ethics.

Overall, ARAG ranked very highly, outscoring the UK Customer Service Index average for the UK, across all sectors by more than 6 percentage points, and across the insurance sector by nearly 5 points. This placed us close to the very top of the long list of insurance businesses covered by the index.

There were some areas in which ARAG’s service levels were especially high, notably for ethics and ‘emotional connection’ and our net promoter score (NPS) was particularly encouraging.

Nonetheless, there are always things we can still find to work on. That’s really the point.

Excellent customer service is always a moving target and the journey of continuous improvement is inevitably an uphill one. But the latest feedback we have received certainly seems to suggest that we are going in the right direction.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.