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ARAG has always been committed to staying at the very forefront of digital legal services and we have made considerable investment over the last couple of years to ensure that our partners and their clients see the benefit.

One of the most significant advances has been the creation of the next generation of our ARAG Legal Services website, which provides an extensive range of customisable documents, legal guides, articles, and other content for policyholders.

We’ve developed the latest version of the site on a platform that is used by many of our sister companies in other countries, throughout the global ARAG Group. This gives us much more control over the content, allowing us to develop new tools and documents and deploy them quickly.

This means that we can offer content that matches the needs of ARAG policyholders more closely and gives us much more flexibility in building bespoke documents for specific market niches and in tailoring the content available to them.

Above all, owning our own platform has enabled us to integrate the digital legal tools and our legal advice helpline much more closely. Legal advisors can direct policyholders to the specific content or tools they need and, if necessary, show them how they work.

Our team isn’t solely focussed on our policyholders though. We’re constantly looking for ways to streamline how we work with brokers too. As well as launching ARAG products on some major broker platforms, we recognise that our partners work in different ways.

ARAG Access is an automated transmission system that we also developed in-house, which enables brokers to submit bordereaux payments to us. It’s much more secure than previous methods, improving conduct risk and data security, and reduces the administrative burden on our partners.

Automatic cover-checking means that we can seamlessly validate a customer’s claim, removing the need for a manual process. We’ve already been contacting our business partners to explain how ARAG Access can make working with us easier and more secure.

If all that were not enough, we’ve also been working on an enhanced Claims Portal, which makes it easier than ever to manage a legal expenses insurance claim.

Policyholders, their broker and solicitors can now check on the progress of a claim and submit documents and information to progress matters as swiftly and easily as possible.

If you’d like to know more about these or any of ARAG’s other digital legal initiatives, just ask your ARAG account handler or get in touch directly.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.