Skip to main content skip to search skip to contact have some excellent legal articles and I was glad I clicked on to this article from Giambrone LLP. It provides some insight into establishing a legal claim following an accident abroad.

The author touches on difficulties that claimants may encounter and gives an example of a case that did not succeed because the claimant had only herself to blame for the accident. I’m afraid the example provided is a good illustration of the sort of claim that legal expenses insurers would “filter out” as on assessment it would not meet the “reasonable prospects of success” condition that underpins policy cover.

We hope that ARAG policyholders have an accident- free summer and an enjoyable holiday, but as the holiday season approaches, it’s worth reminding ARAG policyholders that if they are injured while on holiday within the EU, Norway Switzerland or Chanel Islands, due to an accident where another party is at fault, they can claim against their Family Legal Solutions policy. Customers will need to contact us for a claim form or download one from our website.

If the claim is covered, we will appoint a lawyer who has the expertise required to guide the claim through the legal process that applies to obtain compensation your client’s injury. This can include translation costs and expenses incurred to bring claims in foreign jurisdictions.

The law guide on our Consumer Legal Services website provides legal advice about flight delays, taking out travel insurance and making a complaint about your holiday. Where a breach of contract has occurred, within the territorial limits stated above, once again, customers should contact us for a claim form.

For customers who wish to speak to someone our 24/7 personal legal advice helpline is on stand-by. For law that is subject to EU jurisdictions our legal advisors may need to take customer details and arrange a call-back. Legal advisors are unable to comment on policy cover but can arrange to send customers a claim form.

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Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.

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