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Care Provider Legal Solutions includes commercial legal protection tailored to the specific demands of this challenging and highly regulated sector, as well as enhanced crisis communication cover to counter the heightened risk of significant and long-term reputational damage that businesses can be exposed to.

Care provision is obviously a growing but very challenging market, in which operators face a unique array of legal and regulatory risks.” comments Product Development Manager, Lesley Attu.

The nature and frequency of employment problems, tax and even criminal investigations can be quite specific, as is the exposure to diverse regulatory censure. Care providers come in all shapes and sizes but any of them could face a rigorous and expensive investigation. The new product caters to all sorts of business, whether care is offered by a residential or nursing home, or where individuals are cared for in their own homes.

The new policy provides for representation at coroners’ courts or fatal accident inquiries, Care Quality Commission investigations and registration disputes, Charity Commissioner appeals, plus representation out of office hours for interviews under caution. Legal defence cover includes allegations of dishonesty or violent acts.

We already write a lot of business in this sector” adds Head of Sales, Andy Talbot, “So, we’ve been able to draw on a decade of our own claims experience and listen carefully to the brokers we work with who specialise in this market, to build a product that really addresses the specific needs that care providers have.