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ACAS has just published its 2018-19 Annual Report, which highlights the consistently high demand for their early conciliation services. Following the Unison decision abolishing tribunal fees in July 2017, the demand for the early conciliation service has continued to increase. ACAS receive around 2,500 requests every week.

Demand rose by over 20% compared with 2017, with 133,000 requests for Early Conciliation (of which 2.9% were requested by the employer). Employment Tribunal applications were submitted for just over a quarter of cases (39,000) an increase of (10.5k) 40%.

In 2018, (92k) 73% of notifications handled by ACAS did not lead to a Tribunal claim being made (either because a formal or informal resolution was reached with the parties or because the claimant reconsidered their intention to proceed). Of the cases which progressed to the Employment Tribunal, ACAS conciliation resulted in settlement in (14.7k) 51% of cases, with a further (5.1k) 18% being withdrawn by the claimant.

ARAG comment from Lesley Attu, Product Development Manager

Our policyholders do not have to face early conciliation on their own. Family and Commercial policyholders should complete a claim form straight away if they wish to engage in ACAS early conciliation. We will arrange legal representation to ensure that the best possible terms of settlement can be agreed through the early conciliation process. In the 30% of cases that do not settle through early conciliation, we will continue to represent the Insured to tribunal where this is necessary.

Lesley Attu Blog

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.