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According to an article in today’s Financial Times :

fraudulent applications for current accounts have risen sharply in the past three months, underlining the growing threat of identity theft for banks and their customers.
Fraudsters made 81 out of every 10,000 current account applications in the first three months of 2015, but the proportion nearly doubled to 151 in 10,000 in the second quarter. At the end of 2013 it was just 48 in 10,000.

identity theft on the rise

ARAG offers telephone advice to Family Legal Solutions policyholders about how they can keep their ID secure, and if something does go wrong a full resolution service is available. This puts our policyholder in touch with a case worker who can assist with drafting letters to financial institutions and suppliers of goods or services. They will also help callers to contact the three credit rating agencies if it is necessary to repair a damaged credit rating. Alternatively policyholders can register to use our legal services website to use the free risk assessment tool and download suitable letter templates. Where matters cannot be resolved through correspondence and legal action becomes necessary Family Legal Solutions policyholders are insured against legal costs to pursue or defend actions.

Legal costs and expenses cover for disputes that arise from personal identity theft is also available to directors and partners of businesses who have Absolute or Business Essential Legal Solutions policies in place. These policyholders also enjoy free access to the risk assessment and letter templates once registered on the business area of our legal services website.

Policyholders will need to register using their voucher code at on their first site visit.