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Elise Barbereau & Pedro Caetano, of Vesuvio Labs, took the opportunity to virtually e-meet with Colin Fennelly, City Account Manager & Hannah Fraser, Communications & Events manager at ARAG UK in May to talk about working from home (WFH) routines and ARAG’s business experience throughout COVID-19.

Hannah started by explaining “We are busier than normal, especially communicating with our business partners letting them know what we are doing and how projects are evolving, as well as the increased internal communications with our staff all working remotely.”

Colin emphatically agreed, “This is meeting number seven today, and it’s not my last.” Going on to say “Right from the beginning we were having plenty of enquiries and focused on addressing people’s needs on a personal basis. For example, the experience of our legal advice lines gave us insights about how to update the website help section, which really benefits our customers accessing information without them having to wait to speak with us.”

Turning to WFH with colleagues, they both recognised that the lock-down made it impossible to have a face-to-face experience and described how it had been replaced by organised internal communication sessions on a weekly basis. “It is a great way to get everyone engaged; to maintain a continued sense of community and support. This is a positive change, we have started to chat more frequently as friends not just talk about work, it means we get to know our colleagues much more personally. This motivates us and encourages us all.” they said.


There’s also a Podcast, so click on the image below to listen to it.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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