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Further to our previous updates on ARAG’s advice helpline and emergency assistance services, we want to keep you informed about the continued operation of our legal claims operations which have been largely unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of our claims teams are able to work remotely, and this has been put into practice throughout the company, in line with government guidance.

Any policyholders with an ongoing claim should experience no change in the service that they receive from ARAG, and any new claims should be reported to us in the usual ways, which are outlined in your policy documentation and on the ‘Claims’ page of our website.

Our legal advice team is still receiving an unprecedented number of calls, particularly on employment matters, but the service is coping well with the increased demand.

While ARAG’s claims service remains unaffected by the pandemic and government restrictions, some claims may be affected by the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on the wider justice system.

Almost 60 per cent of court and tribunal buildings in the UK have been closed entirely and the majority of hearings have inevitably been adjourned or postponed. The Ministry of Justice is working with the judiciary and HM Courts and Tribunal Service to maintain a core justice system “focused on the most essential cases”.

While some court and tribunal services are well-placed to move to remote hearings, this will take some time and may not be suitable for all hearings. So, there will inevitably be some delays and the legal processes, on which many claims depend, may take longer. Some claims may also be affected by changes in the law that are resulting from emergency legislation that is being introduced to respond to the pandemic.

If you have any queries over changes in law that may affect you, please call the legal advice helpline number in your policy documentation. For questions about policy coverage, please call 0117 917 1698.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.

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