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This week, a group of staff from across the business took the train up to London for the UK Women in Insurance Summit hosted by Insurance Business in Canary Wharf. ARAG was very pleased to be one of this important event’s sponsors.


It was a very full day with a diverse array of speakers and some fascinating panel discussions, covering a wide range of subjects including key market trends, more female-centric issues such as the health taboos that women face, as well as how to progress careers into leadership roles that are largely still dominated by men.

When we asked the ARAG attendees what they took from the day, Senior ATE Underwriter, Katie Furse said that it was great to be in a room with so many like-minded people and to listen to some of the fantastic female voices in the insurance industry. She added:
“...summits like these are so important to continue the work towards true equality in the workplace.”

Bianca Allison, a Team Leader in our BTE claims department said that she found the event truly insightful, praising the quality of speakers and the leadership advice that they shared:
“It gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I am already doing well, but also areas that I can improve on, to better my leadership style - lots of food for thought!”

Finally, ATE Account Manager Lisa Abrahams said it was a “great day” and talked about the need for more open discussions with both men and women. She added that there were:
“Lots of important conversations about women in insurance and how to overcome the issues we face.”

The Women in Insurance Summit in London is just one of eight events held by the publishers, each year, in five different countries around the world.


Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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