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Next week, ARAG UK is set to cross the English Channel to attend the Access to Justice Conference in Amsterdam. The event will unite ARAG representatives from various countries worldwide, along with business partners, to delve into the ever-growing significance of access to justice and help position ARAG as a key player in the international market for legal expenses insurance.

As well as building on relationships to help grow the ARAG family, the conference at the Beurs Van Berlage will allow colleagues to share new ideas and create collaborations with the aim of making justice accessible for everyone.

Tony Buss, Managing Director of ARAG UK, said that the conference will be vital in overcoming the barriers that currently stand in the legal realm across the globe.

“Access to justice and empowerment are intrinsically linked. Without fair access to the justice system people cannot be empowered to assert their rights.

“This conference will see influential figures from across the legal sector come together, all with the same aim, increasing access to justice for all”.

The International ARAG Access to Justice Conference 2024 will be a beacon of empowerment, uniting legal minds, tech innovators and social advocates to tackle the most pressing questions of our time. The busy day of networking includes keynote speeches from the likes of Gerd Leonhard (Author, Humanist, Futurist) and American human rights activist, Ayo Tometi.


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Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.