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This year, we’ve been inspired by the CII’s ongoing campaign highlighting the roles that the insurance and financial planning professions should play in championing gender equality, not just as employers but also in providing products and services that could help to level the financial playing field between men and women, rather than continuing to distort it.

There are so many ways in which women are put at a financial disadvantage in society, from the obvious gender pay gaps that numerous companies are trying to address at the moment, to less obvious issues such as the much poorer pension provision suffered by women.

insuring women

Legal expenses insurance may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering such a potential disparity in financial service provision, but we have taken a good look at our policies in the light of the Insuring Women’s Futures programme and identified some key benefits that may, in some small way, contribute to a brighter and more equal financial future for women.

ARAG was founded on the principle of providing affordable access to justice for everyone, not just those who can afford it and, by providing legal protection to the whole family (not just the ‘policyholder’) the benefits of free legal advice and representation are available equally.

The most obvious benefit is the employment cover in our Family policies, which has enabled thousands of women to defend their legal rights in the workplace, often in situations in which they have been facing discrimination.
Equally important, however are some of the other benefits that our policies provide to all family members, such as telephone legal advice on any personal matter and online legal tools.

Digital legal services are a growing and highly empowering feature of the best legal expenses insurance policies and our ARAG Legal Services website allows users to easily create legal documents such as pre-nuptial agreements, powers of attorney and wills, the absence of which can often leave women at a financial disadvantage, later in life. We’re going to be watching the Insuring Women’s Futures programme with great interest, as well as reflecting further on what more ARAG might do to help create a fairer financial future for all of our mothers, sisters and daughters.

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