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The value of legal expenses insurance has been underscored by no less an authority than the Legal Services Board (LSB), which has highlighted the usefulness and affordability of legal insurance products while calling for them to be more widely promoted.

Of the most common types of legal dispute encountered by consumers, the majority are specifically covered by ARAG’s Family Legal Solutions policy, while legal advice is available for any personal legal problem.


ARAG’s contract disputes cover can be used to help resolve the single most commonly encountered legal problem, the purchase of defective or inadequate goods and services, as well as other types of dispute, such as those over a property the policyholder rents, as a tenant.

Anti-social behaviour by neighbours has been identified as the second most common kind of legal dispute experienced, the costs of which ARAG Family Legal Solutions can also meet, along with other sorts of property dispute.

The third most frequently encountered dispute, with one’s employer, is another key element of the Family Legal Solutions policy and one of the most common sources of both advice calls and claims under the policy, especially since the onset of the pandemic.

Commenting on new research by the LSB which shows that most people taking part assumed legal expenses insurance is more expensive and restrictive than it is, Head of Policy Development and Research, Steve Brooker, commented:

“While legal expenses insurance is not a fix-all, it has the potential to protect more people from unexpected legal costs and is cheaper and covers more issues than many consumers think.

"People often need legal help when they are at their most vulnerable, for example when facing a housing or employment issue. Legal expenses insurance can provide consumers with the peace of mind that the cost of legal advice and representation will be covered.

"We see legal expenses insurance or similar products as one of the ways to enable more people to access legal services free at the point of need.

"The insurance industry has a role to play in better promoting legal expenses insurance to consumers and building stronger confidence in these products.”

The LSB is just one of the myriad sources of primary and secondary research that the ARAG product development team use to develop and refine our products to ensure they remain the best available in the UK market.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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