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The ARAG Legal Services website provides businesses, families and landlords insured by ARAG with access to a range of customisable legal documents such as a will, employment contract or even a tenancy agreement.

We have recently added new information to this site so now, in addition to the range of legal documents, you will also be able to access the following;

  • Law guides
  • Claims & Legal Advice examples
  • Product information
  • News articles
  • Videos & Webinars
  • Wellbeing information
  • Details of how to make a claim

You can access the new website here and register using the voucher code in your policy documentation.


Login to register on the new site and access the free legal document library!


Questions about the new website

If you have any questions about the new site, then please email us at


How it works

The ARAG legal document service is easy to use. In just 3 simple steps, you can prepare a document that is tailored to your particular circumstances.

  • Select the document you need

    from the relevant area of law
  • Answer the questions

    as they are presented on screen
  • Save and download your document

    which are now ready for signing

It really is that simple!


What is changing

ARAG policyholders who want to use our legal document tools now have access to a new website that we have built, to improve navigation and allow for further developments in the future.

We will be adding to the site content and document services over the coming months and creating the legal tools that our policyholders need to run their business or provide for their family.

You can register on the new site using the same voucher code that you used to register on the old ARAG Legal Services website, which will be noted in the legal expenses section of your insurance policy wording.


Why we’re changing it

The new platform helps us to integrate our legal document building tools much more closely with the telephone legal advice service, so that our advisors will be able to guide you through a straightforward process to provide a solution to whatever legal issue you may be facing.

The existing ARAG legal document service has many documents that are never or very rarely used. The new site is more streamlined, making documents easier to find. The number of documents available on the new site will grow, as we identify new issues for which a legal documents solution would be helpful, but our legal advisors will be able to guide you to the document you need.


Popular documents

Legal doc Family

If you are a Family policyholder, you can:

Write a Will
Create a power of attorney
Dispute a parking fine
Create a contract with a builder
Complain to a noisy neighbour
Legal doc Commercial

If you are a Commercial policyholder, you can find:

  • Employment contracts
  • Health and safety
  • Business start-up
  • HR notices and letters
  • Sales agreements
Legal doc Landlord

If you are a Landlord, you can find:

  • Residential tenancy agreements
  • Landlord's demand for rent
  • Contract with a builder
  • Possession due to rent arrears
  • Complaint to accountants and surveyors