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Why do you need our Commercial Property Owners' Legal Insurance?


Being a landlord can provide a very good return on investment but it isn’t without its problems. In an ideal world your customers would have a problem-free relationship with their tenants but in reality issues such as a dispute about the renewal of a lease, damage and dilapidation to the property and late or non-payment of rent can all prove an expensive headache.


We can help you with legal issues, such as:

  • Property damage, nuisance & trespass

  • Repossession of property

  • A dispute that arises from a commercial lease agreement

  • Recovery of rent arrears

  • An agreement to let out property as, or buy goods or services for a holiday home.


We can support you with:

  • Legal advice

    Where expert legal advice is needed quickly
  • Dispute with an employee

    A dispute with an employee escalates and can’t be resolved
  • Notice of an enquiry

    A notice of an enquiry into the tax or VAT returns of the business is received
  • Health & Safety inspection

    A Health & Safety inspection ends with a threat to prosecute the business
  • Restricts access

    A neighbouring business restricts access to the premises
  • Business attracts adverse publicity

    The business attracts adverse publicity which threatens to damage their reputation and PR advice is needed

How does our cover help?


Our insured contacted us for legal advice after their residential tenant fell into arrears and continued to ignore reminders for payment. We directed our insured to our Landlords’ legal services website to download the necessary legal notice requiring the tenant to leave the property. Unfortunately the tenant ignored the notice and the matter escalated. We instructed solicitors to obtain a court order for repossession and paid the legal costs and the court fee.

Recovery of rent arrears

Our insured contacted us after their tenant failed to pay rent for three months and then vacated the property. Despite chasing the tenant for payment, our insured was unable to get any response. We approved the claim and passed the matter to a panel solicitor. They were able to negotiate a payment plan with the tenant who was having cashflow issues. The insured received repayment plus interest over the following six months. ARAG settled the solicitor’s cost.


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