Commercial Property Owners


Being a landlord can provide a very good return on investment but it isn’t without its problems. In an ideal world your customers would have a problem-free relationship with their tenants but in reality issues such as, a dispute about the renewal of a lease, damage and dilapidation to the property and late or non-payment of rent can all prove an expensive headache.

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We can help you with legal issues, such as:

  • Property damage, nuisance & trespass
  • Repossession of property
  • A dispute that arises from a commercial lease agreement
  • Recovery of rent arrears
  • An agreement to let out property as, or buy goods or services for a holiday home.

We can help you with business problems, such as:

  • Legal advice

    Where expert legal advice is needed quickly
  • Dispute with an employee

    A dispute with an employee escalates and can’t be resolved
  • Notice of an enquiry

    A notice of an enquiry into the tax or VAT returns of the business is received
  • Health & Safety inspection

    A Health & Safety inspection ends with a threat to prosecute the business
  • Restricts access

    A neighbouring business restricts access to the premises
  • Business attracts adverse publicity

    The business attracts adverse publicity which threatens to damage their reputation and PR advice is needed.