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What is our Care Providers' Legal Solutions?


Care Providers' Legal Expenses Insurance provides protection against the legal expenses that may come up while running a care business. Whether it's medical malpractice claims or legal disputes with employees, legal expenses insurance can help reduce the financial burden of legal proceedings on care providers.

All businesses risk legal problems, from employment issues to tax disputes which can be unpredictable, expensive and time consuming to resolve. If you run a care home or care staff agency you may be exposed to additional risks.

Care Providers' Legal Insurance provides cover which has been specifically designed to meet your needs. You will be protected against legal costs and expenses to resolve the following legal issues.

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We can help if your customer requires representation at:

  • Coroners’ Courts/Fatal Accident Enquiries

  • Quality Care Commission investigations (plus Scottish, Welsh & NI equivalent)

  • Registration disputes

  • Work related police interviews under caution 24/7

  • Disputes that arise from an agreement to supply agency workers

  • Defending allegations of dishonesty or violent acts


In addition we can help your customers when:

  • Expert legal advice is needed quickly

  • A dispute with an employee escalates and can’t be resolved

  • Notice of enquiry into the tax or VAT returns of the business is received

  • A contractual dispute or recovery of unpaid fees

  • A neighbouring business restricts access to the premises


Useful documents

Care Provider Legal Solutions

Care Provider Legal Solutions
Statement of Demands and Needs


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