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How do I access the document site?

To access the site you will need to open this link and follow the instructions on screen.

The site asks for a voucher code; what does this mean
and where will I find it?

The relevant voucher code to access the document site can be found in your Arag insurance policy. This is generally found in the yellow box on the first page. Copy that code into the relevant section along with your email address and access should be possible. You will need to create a password for future use and verify your email address which will complete the registration process for the service.

I have not received any verification of my registration
– what do I need to do?

You should check all email inboxes including junk and spam.


I already have documents that I have used before
but I cannot find them.

These documents will be located on the old version of the site and you can log on to that version here. Using your old password you should be able to access the documents which have been saved for you. These will be available for a limited period. To keep these for future use you should download them to your computer and file them in the usual way.

I have logged on to the document site and can’t see as many documents as there were previously.

The documents published on this site are part of an ongoing project and these will be added to in due course. We have started with the most popular documents and will expand the offering over the next 6 months. If there are any documents you would like to see included please let us know and we will see if this is possible.