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From our partners at VITA Health

It can sometimes be difficult to talk about your feelings and it’s common to feel worried about upsetting the people you care about, feel nervous about what people might think, or how opening up might affect your relationships.

You may feel it’s easier to talk to friends or family, or you might find that it’s easier to approach a professional first. There’s no right or wrong, but often those closest to us can be a valuable source of support.

The simple act of talking has the power to make a big difference to someone’s resilience levels. Here are some ways to embrace the power of talking and opening up about how you feel…

  • Be kind to yourself
    Whenever you feel uncomfortable, unsure or guilty about sharing how you feel, ask yourself what you’d say to a loved one dealing with something similar and apply the same kindness to yourself. Talking about our feelings can make us feel vulnerable, but try to see it as investing in yourself.

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