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The international ARAG Group has high ambitions for our future growth following the acquisition of DAS UK, and one of the most exciting prospects is the investment in technology that has been planned, to help us achieve those goals.

It’s an area in which we’ve already ramped up expenditure over the past couple of years.

Since 2021, our Digital Services team has worked with colleagues throughout the business to build our new Claims Portal and develop ARAG Access, our bordereaux submission tool for brokers. We’ve also extended our EduMe online training suite for business partners and built our own legal services website for policyholders.

Last year also saw ARAG launch its first products on the Acturis platform, making it much easier for some brokers to offer our policies to their clients. Since then, we’ve made even more of our products available there and seen the number of both existing and new partners trading on the platform go up and up.

One of the biggest projects that we’re currently working on is the integration of the current ARAG and old DAS UK product lines. The add-on model means that it will inevitably take us some time to roll the new products out to all our policyholders but, when we do, it will have been worth the wait.

We’re aiming to build more than just ‘best of breed’ products that encompass the key features of both policies, but a range of products that are the very best available, across the market.

Of course, we’ll consolidate them on the Acturis platform too, and wherever else ARAG and DAS UK products are currently available. We’re not just seeking to strenghten our position in the UK market. We’re absolutely committed to ARAG’s fundamental mission of extending access to justice as widely as possible.

We’re also investing heavily in our own e-trade platform, providing even more options for brokers and offering them the smoothest possible trading experience.

Part of the reason that ARAG has been so successful, over the years, is that we’ve always understood that every broker is different and the best way for each of our partners to conduct business with us is different too. That principle lies at the very heart of ARAG and it’s something that certainly won’t change.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.