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The ARAG Group will end the year at the top of the global league table of legal insurers for the first time, after generating more than 1.15 billion Euro in gross written premium income from legal insurance, in 2020.

ARAG’s number 1 position was revealed as the Group forecast strong growth in 2021 that will see income from legal insurance increase further, to 1.23 billion Euro.

The UK business was credited with making a significant contribution to the Group’s progress, alongside the USA and Scandinavia, and is on target to deliver double-digit revenue growth, this year.

The Group now has more than 10 million customers in 19 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia and across Europe.

Commenting on the development, Tony Buss, Managing Director of ARAG in the UK said,

This is a great achievement by the whole ARAG team, and underlines the strength of the global ARAG Group. I am very pleased with the increasing contribution that we in the UK have made to growing the global business.”

“We are proud, not so much of becoming the largest legal expenses insurer in the world, which can obviously change, but that the business now provides affordable access to the justice systems in so many different countries around the world, to so many people.”

“This is a testament to ARAG’s policy of pursuing steady, stable growth and we are very pleased that ARAG in the UK has been able to make a significant contribution.


Notes to Editors

Operating in the UK since 2006, ARAG plc provides a comprehensive suite of ‘before-the-event’ and ‘after-the-event’ legal expenses insurance products and assistance solutions to protect both businesses and individuals.

ARAG plc is part of the global ARAG Group, the largest family-owned enterprise in the German insurance industry. Founded in 1935, on the principle that every citizen should be able to assert their legal rights, ARAG now employs more than 4,600 people in 19 countries around the world and generates revenue and premium income totaling 2.0 billion Euro.



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Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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