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We’re always looking for feedback to confirm that ARAG is heading in the right direction, and there are few better-placed to let us know how we’re doing than the brokers who experience our products and service on a daily basis.

That’s why we’re delighted that ARAG has been rated so highly in the Insurance Business nationwide Brokers on MGAs 2023 survey.

The survey asked brokers to rate MGAs across 10 different criteria, including our ability to place niche or emerging risks; compensation; geographical reach; marketing support; responsiveness; product range; pricing; reputation; technical expertise and product knowledge; and technology and automation, awarding a 5-star designation only for those MGAs whose average score was over 4 out of 5, in each section.

We’re particularly pleased to have achieved the 5-star mark in the technology and automation category, as this is an area in which we have invested heavily in recent years. It’s also pleasing to see the effort we put into helping brokers market our brokers is appreciated, as ARAG is one of only three MGAs to achieve 5-star status in the marketing support category.

ARAG achieved the 5-star rating in all but one of the categories, narrowly missing out on the ‘All-Star’ designation achieved by just two MGAs.

Brokers were also asked to rank their top-three MGAs across 16 specialist areas of insurance, such as large construction, charity and flood. While our legal expenses and assistance products didn’t fall naturally into any of these niches, brokers did vote ARAG into the runners-up spot in the schemes category, awarding us the ‘silver medal’.

Commenting on the positive response from our brokers, Head of Sales at ARAG, Matt Warren, said. :

Any sort of feedback is useful and we work really hard at making sure ARAG is shaping the way we do business around what our partners and their clients tell us.

It’s obviously gratifying to get so much positive confirmation that we’re doing so many things right, but we only got here by responding to the feedback we get from brokers, so we will keep working to improve everything that we do.


Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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