Please see below all our most recent videos on subjects including our rebrand, product innovation, business partnerships and staff testimonials.

Claims Controller, Rob McArthur, talks about the solicitors we use when one is needed to resolve a claim.

Heather Wilmott, our BTE Claims Manager, talks through what happens if they have a claim and offers tips and guidance on how to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

To celebrate our 10 years anniversary we have created a video for you to have some insight on who we are, and our workplace spirit.

Corporate Account Manager, George Bladon, talks about ARAG UK's popular motor assistance products that are available for insurers and intermediaries to bundle with their motor product offering.

A short animation covering the FCA's investigation into the sale of add-on products in the general insurance market and the resulting action that has been taken.

ARAG Product Development Manager, Lesley Attu, explains the concept of "unbreakable bundles" and its importance to the compliant sale of insurance add-ons.

These are our four latest videos. If you would like to see more, please follow this link to our YouTube channel