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This article and its contents are courtesy of our counselling partner, Vita Health Group


With longer, lighter, and warmer days, summer is here. However, whilst the summer usually brings sunshine, smiles and often sandy hands, there can also be many days during that long six-week period that can feel hard, especially if you are a parent or carer juggling work and trying to occupy children too.


It’s OK to feel nervous about the summer holidays. Whether it be stress regarding going away on holiday, anxiety about making the most of every day, or nervousness about how you will juggle your job and the children, it’s perfectly normal to feel those flutters of apprehension at the start of the break. As always, the first step is just to take note of your worries and anxieties around this period. Only then can you begin to tackle them head on.

Travel and holiday preparation

Many of us may not have travelled for over two years due to COVID restrictions, and as such, may be feeling that little bit more anxious about getting ready to go away on holiday this year. Whether you are traveling abroad or in the UK, prepping for holiday can be stressful. Here are some tips to ensure your upcoming trip is slightly easier on both you and the whole family.

  • Book in advance
    Making your holiday plans and booking early gives you plenty of time to get all of your pre-travel errands done. It will also allow you to find the cheapest deals and shop around.
  • Put that out of office on
    For a stress-free trip, you should set clear boundaries between your work time and holiday time. Try to be well-organised at work in the weeks leading up to your trip so you can feel more comfortable doing a handover.
  • Plan for every eventuality
    Let’s be honest, there are many things that can go wrong when going away that can just be simply out of our control. Being mindful of this, and indeed accepting that things can go wrong, can help you mentally plan how to deal with these stressors.
  • Give yourself ample time
    Rushing to the airport at the last minute will only cause you stress. Pack the day before and set off earlier than you think you should to account for traffic jams and long security queues.

If you are feeling stressed, you might wish to try and practice a relaxation technique. Meditating, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques are excellent ways to relieve stress and restore some balance to your life.


Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.


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