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This colouring book, designed and created by our very own Georgia Pearson and Doru Rotaru is filled with art based on ARAG, Bristol (our head office city), and the rest of the UK. Can you guess their locations? Take a look at the back cover for answers.

Our Wellbeing Team created this colouring book for staff, as creative activities can help calm your mind in times that may feel overwhelming. We are delighted to share it with you - why not try printing a copy to use at home with your family?


Why a colouring book?

Colouring doesn’t only allow you to take some time away from screens and to unplug. Studies suggest that colouring has many therapeutic mental health benefits.

  • Stress relief:
    Studies show that colouring helps relax your amygdala – the section of your brain that is activated in situations when you feel under pressure, stressed or overwhelmed.
  • A creative meditation:
    Many psychologists have found that colouring creates similar benefits to meditation, providing inner calm, clarity of thought and relaxation.
  • Exercise the mind:
    Colouring is great for keeping your mind active because it uses both sides of the brain’s cerebral cortex – an important system of control as it promotes motor skills, balance and coordination.
  • It replaces patterns of negative thinking:
    Taking time to focus on your colouring makes concentrating on negative thoughts difficult. When you colour, you might find it hard to think negatively.
  • Build mental strength:
    We mentioned before that colouring can help release stress in tough situations. Colouring can also train our brains, making us more efficient, logical and mentally strong.

Disclaimer - all information in this article was correct at time of publishing.