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Since its launch just a year ago, Commercial Property Owners’ Legal Solutions (CPO) has proved an outstanding success story. You may remember it was created in response to broker demand.
It combines the core elements of two existing policies that have been tailored and expanded to fi t the precise needs of commercial landlords with property in the UK.

We didn’t need much of a fanfare to launch CPO”, comments ARAG Head of Sales Andy Talbot. “Brokers had high expectations we could deliver, and they had the clients already. Not only did we deliver, but interest mushroomed. This year’s sales are likely to double the highs of last year.

CPO brings together cover for residential let property disputes with that of commercial legal expenses insurance. Additional cover has been included for disputes relating to commercial leases or the letting of holiday accommodation, should a broker’s portfolio require such protection. It is rounded off by access to fi ve free helplines – legal, tax, counselling, redundancy and crisis communications – plus an online document resource.

The reason brokers like the policy is that they no longer need to consider what type of property owner their client is eg. residential or commercial, they can issue the same wording to all. We can also add in cover for unoccupied properties too.