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What is our Business Emergency Solutions?


Our Business Emergency Solutions product is specifically designed to cater for the needs of small businesses. Our policy will help keep your clients trading following an unforeseen emergency at their business premises. We will arrange suitable help where an emergency exposes the business premises or contents to damage, causes a health and safety risk to anyone using the premise or compromises security.

Desk chair and office paraphernalia floating in water

We can help your customers with:

  • Breakdown of the main heating system

  • Plumbing and drainage problems

  • Damage to or failure of the property’s security

  • Breakage or failure of a customer toilet unit

  • Loss of the power supply

  • Lost keys

  • Vermin infestation

  • Access blocked by a fallen tree

  • Obstruction by fly-tipping


Examples of when Emergency Business Insurance can help:

Toilet Blockage

Our insured’s customer toilet unit was blocked and when flushed this caused an overflow. After contacting us a contractor was appointed to clear the blockage using rodding and jetting techniques. The toilet was left fully functional.

Boiler Breakdown

Our insured has a small family take-away business, and on a week day in the middle of winter the insured’s boiler which services the business broke down. The business is usually very busy at the weekends and to avoid customers waiting in the cold it needed to be repaired immediately. Our insured contacted us and we immediately appointed a contractor. The contractor attended the same day and ordered the part the next day. The part was fitted to the boiler on the day of delivery and warmth was restored to the customer waiting area.


As a result of a break-in at our insured's business, the front window was smashed and security was compromised. We immediately called a contractor and arranged for the window to be boarded up.


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