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We are focussed on supporting your customers during these exceptional times, we are conscious that the coronavirus pandemic is presenting enormous challenges for everyone.

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Here is a brief summary of the support that is available.


Legal Advice

Legal advice for businesses – all commercial policyholders can call our legal advice and counselling helplines, they can answer any business-related legal question and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Legal advice for Individuals – our helpline is available 24hours a day, 365 days a year, providing advice on personal legal matters.

Legal advice for Landlords – our helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing advice on tenancy-related legal matters within UK law.

To access legal advice, call the number noted in the policy wording.


Legal Cover

Legal cover for businesses
We can help your customers with unexpected legal issues, such as;
• Where expert legal advice is needed quickly
• A dispute with an employee escalates and can’t be resolved
• A notice of an enquiry into the tax or VAT returns of the business is received
• A Health & Safety problem ends with a threat to prosecute the business
• There are issues with a business premises
• The business attracts adverse publicity

Legal cover for Individuals
We can help your customers with unexpected legal issues;
• Employment issues such as redundancy or unfair dismissal
• Disputes over the purchase of goods or services
• A dispute with a neighbour
• A claim for injury or death
• A formal enquiry into personal tax affairs
• Identity theft

Legal cover for Landlords
We can help protect the rights of your Landlord customers in disputes about;
• Repossession
• Property damage, nuisance and trespass
• Recovery of rent arrears

And we can also help with:
• Alternative accommodation and storage costs while trying to gain repossession of the property
• Defence of property related prosecutions


Legal News

We offer regularly updated legal news on a range of subjects from financial assistance and counseling to employment and tax.

Up-to-date news


Legal Documents

For Business
Our Legal Services website offers a huge resource, with an extensive law guide and document building tools with which you can create a range of legal documents customised to your business. Recent additions include a document regarding furloughed employees and those working from home.

For Individuals
We offer access to an online service for downloading legal documents, letters and formal notices, such as wills, consumer dispute letters, identity theft recovery, power of attorney and much more.

For Landlords
We offer access to our digital law guide and legal documents to download, such as: Section 8 and Section 21 official notices giving a tenant notice to leave, a letter to demand unpaid rent, notices required to give tenants details of their deposit protection and much more.

To use the service, please go to and complete the simple registration process using the voucher code in the policy document

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Chancellor announces new job support scheme

On Thursday 24 September 2020, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced the new Jobs Support Scheme, which will run for six months from the start of November, once the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme comes to an end. (Published on 24/09/2020)

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Expert view - Getting employees back to work safely and legally

While it was back in May that the Government first announced its Covid-19 recovery strategy, which included the staged relaxation of travel and workplace restrictions, many businesses are only now, tentatively, inviting employees back from homeworking or furlough. (Published on 10/09/2020)

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Expert view - Equality and discrimination under Covid-19

Viruses may spread indiscriminately, but the dangers posed by Covid-19 are much greater for older people, those with underlying health conditions, and pregnant women. As a result, an employer’s response to the pandemic creates a huge potential for illegal discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, pregnancy, and maternity. (Published on 09/09/2020)