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Many companies dabble in the Employment Practices Liabilities (EPL) market, coming and going with the latest trends. For us, it’s the core of our business and we have a wealth of expertise in this area,

Our EPL product is designed for businesses with at least ten employees and provides extensive protection against the cost of employment disputes and prosecutions brought against the business.

It provides a comprehensive employment health check which is carried out remotely and if an employment breach occurs, your customer's business will be fully protected against legal costs, compensation and damages, provided that the recommended employment practices are in place.

If you are looking to place this kind of business, come and talk to us first and we will find the perfect solution for your customers.


Watch our recent video in which Andy Talbot, Head of Sales and Marketing, was interviewed at the Broker Exchange event and asked about what we can expect from the legal protection and EPL market in 2021.


An EPL policy is often seen as a key element in limiting the management liability risks of a business. But the cost of EPL cover has risen sharply and options have narrowed as some providers have withdrawn from this particular market niche.


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