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Investigating a claim can be expensive and claimants often cannot afford to fund the disbursements, even when they have an ATE insurance policy which will pay back the disbursements on an unsuccessful outcome.

Solicitors firms are usually therefore left to fund the disbursements until they are either paid by the defendants on a successful conclusion or they are claimed from the ATE policy on an unsuccessful conclusion.

The cost of funding the disbursements can be a strain on a firm’s finances which is where ARAG Advance comes in.

What is ARAG Advance?

  • Disbursement funding for personal injury and clinical negligence cases
  • Online gATEway system provides easy account access and case status

What are the benefits?

  • No CCA, no lending to your firm, no interest payments
  • Clear, reasonable, proportionate premiums that are easy to explain to your clients

If you’re wondering, “what’s the catch?”, there really isn’t one. So call and discuss the details with us today.