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We deliver on our promises

We have a simple vision: “Access to Justice for all”. This is our company mission and something we are deeply committed to.

But we aren’t about empty promises, as you can see from the number of clinical negligence policy applications we accept and the number of claims that we pay.

Your clients need an ATE insurer that they can trust to deliver their access to justice, ARAG is that insurer.

As we all know, 2023 was a volatile year for all businesses, not least the clinical negligence sector. Our webinar featured a roundtable discussion on the major issues facing us and how we expected 2023 to unfold.

Our panel of industry leaders met to discuss the following topics:

  • Assessing the impact on access to justice
  • Restitution, compensation and the discount rate
  • Costs and case management – fixed recoverable costs, QOCS and expert evidence
  • Changes to the CPR
  • The ‘business’ of personal injury practices – the position of claimant and defendant firms
  • Future reforms
View a summary of the roundtable discussion in the videos on this page.

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