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Have you ever wondered what happens if a legal claim goes to mediation, or even to trial?

We partnered with 3PB Barristers and the Insurance Institute of Bristol to run a mock mediation and trial to show how the process works and what to expect if a claim ends up in court proceedings.

The videos below can be used as training materials and using the resources provided below may also count towards CPD points.


Watch the video series:


Mediation: Overview


Mediation: Full Session


Trial: Overview


Trial: Full Session


You will learn

Understand why and when mediation may apply
Observe a mock trial relating to a common contract dispute
Observe legal arguments in action
Gain knowledge of potential general damages recoverable in a breach of contract case
Understand how costs are awarded after judgment
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The ARAG 2019 Mock Trial was accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute, so watching the videos and reading the above materials may contribute towards your required training hours. If in doubt, speak to your learning and development team.

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