Our insured contacted us for legal advice after their tenant fell into arrears and continued to ignore reminders for payment. We directed our insured to our Landlord Legal Services website to download the necessary legal notice requiring the tenant to quit the property. Unfortunately the tenant ignored the legal notice and the matter escalated. We instructed solicitors to obtain a court order for repossession and paid solicitor’s costs and the court fee.

Recovery of rent arrears

Our insured contacted us after their tenant failed to pay rent for three months and then vacated the property. Despite our insured chasing their tenant for payment they were unable to get any response. We approved the claim and passed the matter to a panel solicitor. They were able to negotiate a payment plan with the tenant who was having cashflow issues. The insured received repayment plus interest over the following six months. ARAG settled the solicitor’s cost.

Rent indemnity

As the insured had complied with the policy terms, we agreed to pay the rent arrears that had been incurred while repossession was being sought together with 75% of the rent for a further two months following repossession.


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