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We have created a series of videos to help explain exactly what legal expenses insurance does, what your policy covers and what happens if you have a legal dispute.

What is legal expenses insurance?

Legal expense insurance enables individuals and their families and businesses to protect themselves from the legal costs and expenses of some common legal problems.

3 Dec 2018

Family Legal Solutions

Want to know more about ARAG's Family Legal Solutions? Find out what it covers, what it doesn't and who it's for.

5 Dec 2018

The Benefits of Mediation

ARAG's Claims Operations Manager, Heather Wilmot, explains why mediation is becoming a more and more popular and effective way to resolve legal disputes, especially since the start of the pandemic.

9 Mar 2022

Making a claim

Some guidance and tips about making a claim on your legal expenses insurance policy from our Claims Operations Manager.

3 Jul 2020

If you need to make a claim, please click below:

Disclaimer - all information and videos on this website were correct at the time of publishing. All legal advice is based on the laws of England and Wales.