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Another glimpse of ATE’s future

 We continue to demonstrate commitment and security to our solicitor partners by producing a new ATE policy that covers firms rather than individuals. Our new product gives firms the certainty that all of their clients are covered. It operates very much like a general insurance broker’s mandatory scheme where all clients enjoy the same level of cover. The main advantage is that premiums can be extremely competitive as they are based on...

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New solution for commercial property owners becomes instant hit

Since its launch just a year ago, Commercial Property Owners’ Legal Solutions (CPO) has proved an outstanding success story. You may remember it was created in response to broker demand. It combines the core elements of two existing policies that have been tailored and expanded to fi t the precise needs of commercial landlords with property in the UK.   “We didn’t need much of a fanfare to launch CPO”, comments ARAG...

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Will small claims get bigger as whiplash ‘disappears’?

  The Chancellor’s Autumn statement packaged a higher limit for small claims with the cessation of legal remedy for soft  tissue claims. The stated objective is a crackdown on fraud and claims culture.    Back in February, MP Frank Field asked whether there would be an impact assessment over plans for raising the small claims limit to £5000. Justice Minister Dominic Raab said the government will consult on the detail...

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Taxpayers money wasted on ATE premium challenges

The NHS shouts about the cost of legal fees in clinical negligence cases but is silent over its invariably unsuccessful challenges against ATE premiums. Some costs fi rms appointed by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA) routinely enrich themselves – at the taxpayer’s expense – by raising challenges that are invariably without merit and oft en repeat arguments that have been rejected by the courts on numerous previous occasions.   As...

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